This bath, which contains two distinct sections for men and women is located in Obeid Zakani street beside Bazarcheh and Agha Kabir mosque. This bath is the oldest bath of Qazvin which was made on Safavid Shah Abbas‟(II)command in 1647A.D. by Amir Gouneh Khan who was one of the commanders of the Safavid army. The main entrance door opening southwards leads to the dressing room through a spiral staircase. Possibly there had been another door for women that had led to the bath from the west part of the monument. The rectangular dressing room which is bounded by two forked arches, on the east and west, via a corridor that contains a narrow forked arch reaches the caldarium. The caldaria of men and women are cruciform which are provided with chambers for washing in the east and west. The cover of the monument is domed so that each of the small domes 83
contains a pane which acts as a skylight. The plinths of the caldaria up to a height of 1.5m from the ground are tiled. Also Rasmibandi and Yazdibandi decorations of ceiling should be added to the previous ornaments. The large monoliths, which have covered the platforms, are the special features of the monument. This place which has been renovated is now used as the Museum of Anthropology.