Imamzadeh Hussein

The sacred mausoleum of Imamzadeh Hussein, the immediate son of Imam Reza (AS) – (death 816A.D.) has always been a religious place for pilgrims since the third century on, so that many of the scientists, eloquent speakers and great men of the city are buried there. The glorious building of the mausoleum was totally damaged […]

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Qajar Bath

This bath, which contains two distinct sections for men and women is located in Obeid Zakani street beside Bazarcheh and Agha Kabir mosque. This bath is the oldest bath of Qazvin which was made on Safavid Shah Abbas‟(II)command in 1647A.D. by Amir Gouneh Khan who was one of the commanders of the Safavid army. The […]

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Alamut Valley

In the western edge of Alborz range, between Qazvin and Mazandaran province, located the flower-filled and verdurous land of Eagles; Alamut Valley. Mostly referred as land of assassins, the area played a vital role in Iran’s government of the time. For centuries Alamut was part of Deylami government and so many other local rulers until […]

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Qazvin traditional garden

Qazvin is the most ancient and alive garden city of IRAN Qazvin has been recognized as a city surrounded by green gardens and its vineyards.These traditional gardens formation time turns back to Sassanid era, and now about 2500 hectares of them are still alive at three sides of the city. NasirKhusraw, the famous travel writer […]

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Qazvin History

Archaeological findings and excavations of Qazvin plain approve the existence of settled societies (permanent-residence) and agriculture as well as show that its inhabitants had enjoyed primary industries and social order in the 7th millennium B.C. All of the residential quarters, temples, industrial workshops, ornamental objects, statues, and warehouses of grains etc. found in Qazvin show […]

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